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What are thick toenails?

Modifications in your toenails could also be an indication of an underlying situation. Toenails which have grown thicker over time possible point out a fungal an infection, often known as onychomycosis. Left untreated, thick toenails can turn out to be painful. Immediate remedy is essential to curing the nail fungus. Fungal infections may be tough to treatment and will require months of remedy.

A change within the thickness of your toenails could also be only one symptom of a fungal an infection.

Different signs of nail fungus embody:

  • toenails that change in colour to yellow, brown, or inexperienced
  • a foul odor that comes from the toenail
  • toenails that may elevate up from the nail mattress
  • toenails that cut up or crumble
  • toenails that look scaly or chalky
  • toenails with filth and different particles below them

It’s possible you’ll discover no discomfort within the early levels of the an infection. As signs construct, your toenails could turn out to be painful.

Almost 20 % of the grownup inhabitants has onychomycosis. This situation happens when a fungus or yeast enters your toenail:

  • the place your toenail and nail mattress meet
  • in a crack in your toenail
  • in a minimize in your pores and skin that touches your toenail

The fungus or yeast grows below the nail mattress, the place it’s moist. The an infection is initially minor, however with time could unfold and trigger your toenail to develop thicker in addition to trigger different signs.

Your toes are very vulnerable to a fungal an infection as a result of they’re continuously uncovered to moist areas. Moisture helps fungus unfold.

You usually tend to contract toenail fungus from:

  • being barefoot in public locations with moist flooring, resembling swimming swimming pools, showers, and gymnasiums
  • frequent or extended publicity to water
  • sneakers that constrict your toes
  • sweaty toes and sneakers
  • harm to a toenail
  • athlete’s foot that spreads to your toenails
  • medicines that suppress your immune system
  • genetics
  • smoking

You might also be extra more likely to contract toenail fungus you probably have a pre-existing medical situation, resembling:

Most cancers therapies could enhance the chance of growing nail fungus. When you have a pre-existing situation and develop fungus, it’s essential to deal with it as quickly as attainable.

See a physician in case you discover a change within the look of your nails. Treating a fungal an infection in its early levels will assist stop the situation from worsening.

Your physician will have a look at your nails to diagnose the situation. The physician may additionally take a swab beneath the nail or take a toenail clipping to diagnose the situation.

Untreated toenail infections may cause some issues. Over time, the an infection can worsen, and signs could turn out to be extra extreme. Toenails can thicken to the purpose that they trigger discomfort whenever you attempt to put on sneakers and even make it harder to stroll.

When you have pre-existing medical circumstances, remedy is significant so the fungus doesn’t contribute to secondary infections or issues.

Though not all instances of toenail fungus have to be handled, thick toenails could also be an indication that the fungus has gotten worse. A number of strategies can be found to deal with your toenails. You’ll be able to strive some home-based therapies first after which discuss to your physician about prescription-based choices. Topical and oral medicines are the mainstays of remedy.

House-based therapies

You’ll be able to strive quite a lot of home-based strategies to deal with nail fungus:

  • Clear the affected space with cleaning soap and water each day.
  • Groom your nails recurrently. Soften your nails first by making use of urea cream (Aluvea, Keralac) and wrapping your toes in bandages at night time. Then wash off the urea cream and use a nail clipper and nail file to trim your nails.
  • Apply an over-the-counter fungal remedy after you gently file your nails.
  • Apply Vicks VapoRub in your toenail every day. This will assist the an infection subside.
  • Apply snakeroot extract to the toenail each third day for one month, twice every week in month two, after which simply as soon as every week in month three.
  • Apply tea tree oil twice a day on daily basis.

Medical therapies

Toenail fungus could require medical interventions as prescribed and beneficial by your physician. These embody:

  • topical medicines
  • oral medicines
  • laser therapies
  • removing of the toenail to deal with the nail mattress

Treating toenails for fungus could require you to stay to the remedy plan for a number of months. Toenails develop slowly, they usually can take 12 to 18 months to develop out.

It’s possible you’ll expertise a recurrence of toenail fungus after remedy. When you’ve handled your fungus and wish to keep away from it from coming again, you may strive strategies to forestall it from rising in your toenails once more.

You’ll be able to stop thick toenails or the recurrence of toenail fungus in a number of methods:

  • Hold your toes clear by washing them with cleaning soap and water recurrently. Dry them off with a towel afterward.
  • Hold your toes as dry as attainable: Change your socks a number of occasions a day, put on cotton socks that take away moisture out of your toes, rotate your sneakers to allow them to dry out, and buy sneakers that breath and don’t constrict your toes.
  • Strive a foot powder that retains your toes dry.
  • Put on flip-flops or different bathe sneakers when you find yourself in locker rooms or on the pool.
  • Groom your toes correctly. Your toenails shouldn’t develop past the tip of your toe.
  • Be sure that to make use of disinfected instruments when trimming your nails.
  • Buy new footwear in case you’ve just lately cured your nail fungus.

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