Is It Possible for a Vagina to Be Too Tight?

Pal teams, skinny denims, zip-lock seals. These are issues which are tight! However vaginas? Not a lot.

Really, the parable that vaginal canals are alleged to be slim, compact, little, and tight are all myths perpetuated by misogynistic, sex-negative society to be able to make vulva havers really feel self-conscious of their our bodies. Ugh.

Under, sexual well being professionals bust the widespread myths behind vaginal tightness in additional element.

In addition they define what to do when you genuinely really feel that your vaginal canal is just too slim, or the form (or elasticity) of your vaginal canal is inflicting your discomfort in life or lovemaking.

Should you’ve ever had P-in-V intercourse — or another type of vaginal penetration — and located it uncomfortable or painful, you could be questioning in case your vagina is just too small for intercourse.

The brief reply: No, it’s not.

There are exceptions, however few vaginas are anatomically too small to be comfortably penetrated.

The long-form model of this query is: Is a vaginal canal too tight (or small) to suit a penis?

It’s a query rooted in cis-heterosexuality as a result of it suggests the only real objective of a vagina is to accommodate a penis, and that everybody with a vagina needs to accommodate a penis!

That stated, sometimes people will say their vagina is just too tight if they can not comfortably insert a tampon or different menstrual product.

Because it goes, “the thought of tightness is subjective,” says Heather Jeffcoat, a health care provider of bodily remedy who makes a speciality of sexual dysfunction and incontinence and creator of “Intercourse With out Ache: A Self-Therapy Information to the Intercourse Life You Deserve.”

In case you have considerations that you simply’re too tight (or too small) she suggests interrogating what which means. “What are you really noticing?” she asks.

It might be uncommon for a vagina to be too tight. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for a vagina — and on the whole, the physique — to be unprepared for penetrative intercourse.

Principally, the physique requires extra nonpenetrative play earlier than penetration.

Why can extra pre-play assist? In its unaroused state, the vagina is simply 3 to 4 inches lengthy, which isn’t lengthy sufficient to comfortably obtain some penises or intercourse toys.

However if you’re aroused, the higher portion of the vagina lengthens and pushes your cervix and uterus contained in the physique extra. Principally, the vagina grows longer and wider.

Should you’re having problem with penetration that’s making you suppose you’re too tight, it might be an indication you weren’t adequately aroused previous to attempting penetrative. And not that your vagina is, as a rule, too tight.

Satisfactory arousal additionally helps the pure lubrication course of. And lube — whether or not bodily produced or store-bought — could make penetration not solely pleasurable however doable.

Questions on whether or not a vagina might be too tight (or too free), suggest that there’s one optimum size and width for vaginal canals to be. And that each different form is “dangerous.”

Let the report present that this isn’t true! Plus, putting worth judgments in your physique in that method isn’t wholesome or productive.

That stated, there are underlying medical situations that may make somebody really feel like their vagina is just too tight, says Jeffcoat.

Lack of arousal isn’t the one motive a vagina can really feel too tight.

Ache and the feeling of being too tight throughout penetration generally is a signal of a situation corresponding to an infection, harm, or congenital abnormality.

1. Pelvic ground over-reactivity

“It’s widespread for somebody to say, ‘my vagina is just too tight’ when in actuality the difficulty is that the muscle tissues across the vaginal canal are overactive or non-relaxing,” explains Jeffcoat.

Frequent diagnoses for this embrace having a hypertonic pelvic ground, non-relaxing pelvic ground, or overactive pelvic ground.

“These muscle tissues might be rehabilitated similar to different muscle tissues within the physique which are restricted with exercise,” says Jeffcoat. That means, with correct care the muscle tissues can adapt that can assist you accommodate the physique elements and merchandise you need (or want) your vagina to simply accept.

2. Vaginismus

Vaginismus is one other pelvic ground muscle situation that may make penetration really feel painful.

It’s marked by involuntary contractions of the pelvic ground muscle tissues previous to penetration, so {that a} penis, intercourse toy, speculum, or tampon can’t enter.

Therapy usually entails a mixture of therapies. Along with intercourse remedy or discuss remedy, a health care provider or different healthcare skilled will work with you to make use of vaginal dilators or trainers. These dildo-shaped gadgets may help you acquire management of your pelvic ground and study to launch the involuntary muscular response you expertise earlier than penetration.

3. Perineoplasty

A perineoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that entails altering the world between the back and front holes.

The commonest model of this entails suturing (stitching) the patch of pores and skin between the 2 holes following vaginal childbirth.

In line with Jeffcoat, it’s doable for somebody to be sutured an excessive amount of, inflicting the opening of the vaginal canal to actually grow to be too small.

“It wasn’t unusual within the not so distant previous for OB-GYNs to carry out an additional sew after vaginal supply, often known as the “husband” sew, to extend tightness on the vaginal opening,” she explains.

Childbirth apart, some vulva house owners elect to have a perineoplasty executed by a plastic surgeon to be able to slim their vaginal canal.

4. Sexually transmitted infections

To be clear: Infections don’t change the form or tightness of the vagina.

Nevertheless, they can make intercourse extra painful. They’ll additionally trigger irritation within the inside canal that may make the vaginal canal really feel smaller or tighter than standard.

5. Damage

Whether or not it’s a sex-induced harm, a intercourse toy mishap, or a childbirth-induced tear, when you have a pelvic or genital wound, penetration can really feel painful.

If you recognize you’ve a wound, wait till you’ve absolutely healed earlier than participating in sexual exercise.

Should you uncover a wound and don’t know the place it got here from, seek the advice of a health care provider or different healthcare skilled ASAP.

6. Historical past of trauma

Should you’ve ever been sexually assaulted, any sexual encounter could also be troublesome with out enough remedy.

7. Congenital abnormality

Some vulva house owners are born with hymens which are thick or rigid. A penis, intercourse toy, or menstrual product pushing in opposition to the hymen might really feel painful.

Even after the tissue is torn, it might be painful when hit throughout penetrative intercourse.

Should you see your self in these situations, breathe.

Penetration doesn’t must be uncomfortable, and also you shouldn’t endure feeling too tight or inelastic. Lots of the situations that may result in this sense are simply treatable.

Speak to a health care provider or different healthcare skilled

In case you have the means, this needs to be step one in addressing your considerations about being too tight.

Typically, you’ll need to begin by going to the OB-GYN. They’ll have the ability to rule out any underlying infections. In the event that they provide the all-clear, you’ll need to work with a pelvic ground therapist subsequent.

Elongate pre-play

The vagina is designed to develop and elongate throughout arousal, which means that arousal is a prerequisite for penetration.

There are a variety of various issues you are able to do to ramp up arousal. You would possibly strive:

Use lube

Whenever you’re aroused, the vagina additionally releases some pure lubricant in order that when penetration happens, it’s much less painful or troublesome.

If penetration begins too quickly and also you’re not lubricated, you might expertise ache.

For some, enough pre-play may help guarantee you’ve sufficient pure lubricant. Nevertheless, for others, that pure lubrication might not be enough by itself.

Fortunately, there are store-bought, water-based lubricants that may be added in.

Carry out doctor-approved workout routines

Whenever you hear the phrase “pelvic ground train” or “vagina train” you most likely take into consideration Kegels.

Though you *do* need to carry out some pelvic ground muscle strikes, you *don’t* need to simply be doing Kegels, in accordance with Jeffcoat.

“Like every muscle in your physique, the pelvic ground muscle tissues must also lengthen or stretch,” explains Jeffcoat. “Sitting round and simply doing Kegel workout routines could make your muscle tissues brief and tight over time, which might result in pelvic ground dysfunction.”

As a substitute, she recommends doing workout routines like deep inhaling a toddler’s pose or comfortable child, each of that are nice methods to passively stretch the pelvic ground.

Speak to a healthcare skilled about dilators

“Your physician would possibly prescribe medical dilators which can be utilized to naturally and regularly present stretch,” says Jeffcoat.

Often, the method entails coating the dilator and your entrance with lube, then sliding the machine in and permitting your pelvic muscle tissues to calm down across the machine for a couple of minutes at a time.

“Medical dilators are available in a equipment with sizes which are very slim — like petite tampon slim — and regularly improve in dimension,” she explains.

Sure! The vagina is rather like different physique elements in that it adjustments quite a bit over an individual’s lifetime.

“When somebody is postpartum and postmenopausal, there’s much less estrogen on board, which makes vaginal tissue thinner and fewer elastic,” explains Jeffcoat.

If somebody accompanies ache alongside a lower in elasticity, she says individuals are usually prescribed an area vaginal estrogen cream or suppository that helps improve the sturdiness and elasticity of the vulvovaginal tissue.

Gossip between pals might lead you to consider a vagina can “put on out” or develop an excessive amount of. Nevertheless, that’s merely not true.

Once more, the vagina does change quite a bit over the course of a lifetime.

After labor and supply of a child, for instance, your vagina might really feel completely different, and that’s to be anticipated. However that doesn’t imply it’s not as tight because it as soon as was, or that it’s too free now.

Every vagina is completely different, and there isn’t one single proper diploma of tightness or looseness. Any particular person or media character that means in any other case is stuffed with it!

Nonetheless, you recognize your individual physique greatest. So, if one thing doesn’t really feel proper throughout penetration (of any form!) attain out to a healthcare skilled. They may help you give you an answer that works for you (and your companions, if relevant).

Gabrielle Kassel is a New York-based intercourse and wellness author and CrossFit Degree 1 Coach. She’s grow to be a morning particular person, examined over 200 vibrators, and eaten, drunk, and brushed with charcoal — all within the identify of journalism. In her free time, she might be discovered studying self-help books and romance novels, bench-pressing, or pole dancing. Comply with her on Instagram.

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